The clearest sea of Campania

The dense Mediterranean vegetation slopes down to the Protected Marine Area “Costa degli Infreschi e della Masseta”.


Waters are very clean and rich in marine flora and fauna, probably due to the karstic nature of the rocks and the presence of underwater springs. The creation of the park has made it possible to maintain unaltered the remarkable landscape value and the very low level of pollution.

The Caves

Grotta Azzurra, Grotta del Noglio, Cala Bianca, Grotta degli Infreschi, Piscina degli Iscolelli, Sorgente di Santa Caterina, San Lazzaro Chapel, the small beaches of the Masseta, all these are places not to be missed. Important fossils and traces of the Homus Herectus have been found in some of the more than 60 caves.

The Beaches

Two secluded and wild beaches: in the first one, at a few metres from the tents and the rooms, you have at your disposal deckchairs and sun umbrellas, a jetty for mooring, buoys for boats; the second one is only ten minutes' walk on a path through the woods, with wonderful views on the Gulf of Policastro

Going out to Sea

Boat owners will find themselves in heaven. Numerous varieties of fish, octopus, sea anemones, sea cucumbers and starfish can be easily seen even by inexperienced divers. 6-hour fishing trips to the beaches of the coast are available on reservation and for additional charge).

Seawater plays with the coastline gently indenting it.